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As an owner, manager or broker of a real estate office, there’s nothing more important than the agents who make up your company. Success is about more than just filling seats with warm bodies. It’s about recruiting the right agents—agents who have a professional mindset and who have the commitment, drive and focus that will make your office more productive and profitable.

Jim & Micheal Ouellette are known as The Real Estate Recruiting Experts for a reason. For more than 25 years, they have been leaders in the real estate industry and knows what it takes to attract and retain top-producing professionals. As leading management consultants, Jim & Micheal have developed their turnkey coaching programs and marketing systems to help owners, brokers and managers throughout North America get the absolute most from their recruiting efforts.

If you want to take your company’s production and profitability to the next level, turn to RECRUITING FOR REALTORS®. To learn more about their recruiting systems, here’s How It Works.

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